now - my current priorities

January 1, 0001

This is a page that lists my current priorities and projects. The order is somewhat significant but not a strict rule.

Last update: 2016-01-06T12:54:16

Areas of activity

  1. iwantmyname is a big focus for me at the moment
  2. get some balance from working on a computer, currently:
    • building a new camper
    • building a wooden kayak
  3. learn and teach, currently:
    • startup weekends and working with early stage teams
    • meet interesting people and friends face to face
    • learning elixir
  4. outdoorsy things, currently:
    • hiking, exploring the southern alps
    • kayaking
    • snowboarding season is over :(
  5. new stealth project will start to take over time

Physical locations

I am in Nelson every Thursday, based at the Bridge Street Collective. I normally have time for one or two coffee meetings there. Focus: 5, 3

I am in Wellington at least every other week for a day or two. Many of these days are packed with meetings and spending time with my teams here. If I don’t get in touch or push your coffee meeting out another month, this is why. Focus: 1, 3

The rest of the time I hide in the southern alps and focus on 1, 2, 4 and 5