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Getting into habits

Tuesday, 7 May 2013
Lenz Gschwendtner

Habits structure your life. Knowing your habits and training new habits can be real challenging and a lot of books have been written about how to get into habits that help you achieve your goals. Thing is, like most new year resolutions, it is real hard to stick to a habit and make it stick around.

I have recently started playing HabitRPG and challenged my partner to join me. We now battle us for points to things like drinking enough water during the day or go running. HabitRPG is an amazing little game that helps you gamify your habits and todos in a really engaging way and helps you stay on top of your habits … or you run out of health points and die.

For those that are commandline affictionados there is a commandline interface to HabitRPG that helps greatly in automating task completions and tying it into a daily workflow.