impact punk


Thursday, 7 Aug 2014
Lenz Gschwendtner

Since a while we live in Berlin for a change. It is really interesting to see how much New Zealand changed me and to see how different things look to me now, that I have distance to them.

The most obvious thing to me is that there is this interesting split between expats that are here to enjoy living in the startup capital of Europe and the Germans that always find something that is bothering them, something they can complain about, something that someone needs to change. The observation for me is that Germans in Germany are happy to make some else responsible for their current situation whereas those who come here just try to get stuff done.

This may be a bigger thought and because of the comparably young age of New Zealand most Kiwis needed to get stuff done, complaining did not get you anywhere. Obviously there are awesome people here in Germany that get stuff done, don’t blame any higher instance for their current situation and there are Kiwis that complain bitterly about things, it is more the general mood, the general way of how the majority thinks and represents itself to me.

So, summer is awesome and there are plenty of positive people around me, just most of them speak English … like me.