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The difference between 4hww and me

Thursday, 21 Aug 2014
Lenz Gschwendtner

I attended a 4 hour work week meetup in Berlin yesterday and noticed one big difference between me and many that were there. Tim Ferris, the author or 4 hour work week, starts from the point of view that work is something that is not fun and in order to “live” you need to work as little as possible so you can enjoy your life.

Now, this is where I would argue that I haven’t worked in a long time as everything I do are things I actually enjoy doing. Even the things I don’t like as a task I tend to see as things that get me closer to the things I like and so they don’t seem to bother me at all.

Living a happy life to me is not sitting at a beach all day, I get bored after a few hours and really want to get something done after that. I really enjoy times where I just hang out with people and talk but even that is time where I learn, where I do something I like that ultimately adds to my personal development.

Four hours of work a week seems way too much or too little to me, I really prefer doing stuff I like without any time restriction.