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a new view

Monday, 9 Mar 2015
Lenz Gschwendtner

We are starting a new experiment in our life, it is called “project mountain retreat”. The back story to this experiment is that Manu, ever since we first were in St Arnaud and looked at Lake Rotoiti, loved this place and it felt very much at home for me right away. It took us years to come back to this place but now we plan to stay a bit longer.

As the Europe experiment showed we really don’t enjoy the city life for much more than a couple of days, after that we really like the calm and quiet of more remote places. When we took out the lease at our current place we knew it would only be for a few months and planned to build a tiny house and put it on the south island and go between there and Wellington to have the best of both worlds. Looking for places we found a cute little mountain retreat that offered all we wanted but was already built. Not a tiny house, and that plan is really only postponed a bit, but a little hut in the mountains, just outside of St Arnaud. It is calm and far away and still close enough to Wellington that we can enjoy the city life for a couple of days a week.

I will report here on progress and learnings from this experiment. It feels like going on an adventure and a bit like getting back some of the things I started missing, like actual winters and ski fields around the corner, but still have the sandy beaches of the Able Tasman region on our door step.