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Global Entrepreneurship Week

Wednesday, 18 Nov 2015
Lenz Gschwendtner

I care about entrepreneurship because I believe in the power of collaboration and the power of people working together for fun and profit, quite literally. I see entrepreneurship as a way to create resilient communities that address problems by working together, by building companies, by creating work for others and by investing back into the community. Entrepreneurs are people that have a vision and are crazy enough to follow that vision, passionate enough to infect others with their idea and make them form a team around a common interest. Entrepreneurs are people who create and are never satisfied with the status quo. People that start sentences with “I can” not with “Someone should” and this makes them the engines of innovation. They turn ideas into teams into companies. Innovation only happens if someone steps up and runs with a new idea and has enough passion to turn that idea into a viable business. Profit can have any form or colour, some are after the money but most entrepreneurs I have met are after the rewards that come with building companies. The reward of creating jobs for people, the reward of creating opportunities for people, the reward of seeing a crazy idea grow into a viable business. All this is why I spend many weekends every year at Startup Weekends, this is why I have coffees with people who want advice. Growing the entrepreneurial fabric is something I am very passionate about.

I believe that a high level of entrepreneurship creates resilient communities way beyond influential people, companies or politicians. I care about the world I live in and want to play my part in creating a future worth living for. Join me in encouraging more people to give it a go, to try to take their future and the future of their community into their own hands. Join me in building resilient communities. There are plenty of activities happening, ping me if you struggle to find them and I’ll hook you up with your local community leaders or help you become that person.