impact punk - growing a community

Monday, 11 Jan 2016
Lenz Gschwendtner

TL;DR: Thursday, 14th January 2016, 5:30 at Bridge Street

I am passionate about community and passionate about empowering people to realise their ideas, as opposed to just talking about them. I am also keen to bring together people so that they can help each other.

New year, new challenge. My personal challenge for this year is to build a robust and well connected entrepreneurial fabric in Nelson and create a blueprint for regions outside the major centers. There is loads of entrepreneurial spirit in the regions but it is not well connected yet and typically gets together once a year for events like Startup Weekend but not much more. is a weekly meetup that happens at Bridge Street on Thursdays at 5:30. It is open to everyone, no signup required, just come around, no fee, no koha, no barriers to entry other than you making time to show up. We’ll do a quick round of intros every time and then work together on a few problems within the group. This could be setting up a social media campaign, set up a landing page, look into A/B testing or get help with book keeping or a legal problem.

Over time I hope we can grow that fabric that whenever someone needs help they know who to talk to, in person, face-to-face. Community is what remains after the politicians, the investors and the people with an agenda left. My goal is to grow a fabric that is robust and long lived so that we can make sure it lives on for a long time. An open community is also something no one owns. It needs a few people to kick it off but once it lives there is no stopping it. Help me to get it started and help me to transform the Nelson region.

We are starting the new year with the first meetup this Thursday, 14th of January 2016 at 5:30 at Bridge Street. Come around, tell us what you are working on or what you plan to work on and what you need help with. After a bit of helping each other we’ll go to a nearby Pub and have a social wind down with a cool beverage.

If you have questions, hit me up on Twitter (@norbu09)