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laptop update

Friday, 30 Sep 2016
Lenz Gschwendtner

Back in July I wrote about going back to FreeBSD and I wanted to give a quick update on that. To sum it up, it was so painless it nearly does not warrant a blog post. I tinkered around a bit with 10.3-RELEASE and 11-CURRENT before stumbling over TrueOS the new name for PCBSD, gave it a try and never looked back. Initially I had some trouble with my display driver and just used the framebuffer one to have something working but TrueOS found all hardware instantly and just made it work.

Things that work out of the box on the X1 Carbon that surprised me are plugging in an external projector, notoriously painful, just works. Sound, no fiddling, works out of the box and the trackpad, incl scrolling how I am used to on a mac.

Things I still needed to fix are the media keys for volume and resume.

So far I am super happy, still need to figure out a nicer way to run the update process from i3 as I got really used to that and seem to struggle a bit with Lumina but happy enough to just fire up Lumina every now and then and update from there.

The suspend works nicely but resume messes up my graphics but surprisingly I got used to shutting down my laptop and an interesting side effect is that I start with a clean slate every morning.

Very happy that I made the switch back to FreeBSD and nothing that could make me switch back any time soon.