impact punk

Lenz Gschwendtner

impact punk

I have been building fast growing startups for most of my adult life. I have invested a lot of time into mentoring entrepreneurs and love helping people to find their confidence to try something new, something that is way outside their comfort zone. I love the buzz when those things take off and see how people thrive in their new roles.

I am actively working on ideas of my own and in teams with others. I am living a location independent life, mainly in Portugal but also on our boat sailing around the world. I love tinkering and try to live with a net positive impact on my environment.


Lenz has started his first company straight out of school, joined mid-size companies in Germany and Austria after that to learn more about building teams and robust infrastructure. In 2002 he joined his first startup and was hooked by the pace. After moving to New Zealand he started a consulting firm and a domain registrar, both are still going strong and springtimesoft consulting is now operating in New Zealand and Australia and iwantmyname is a global player in the domain industry.

Lenz has been an organiser, mentor and facilitator of Startup Weekends since 2012 and spoke at many conferences about open source and other geeky topics. He has also been involved in a great number of hackathons, meetups and other community building activities. Lenz is a grassroots guy that has never waited for official permission to build a thriving community - a punk that will get his hands dirty to make sure people around him have the means to build their dreams.